Hello Kitty Pink iPhone 5 cover

It's done :) the customer is so happy with it :) so do I:))

Pay attention to The details :)


PONY!! :)

TThese pony are perfect for making a bag charm or phone cases!! Contact us if you are interested! :) 


SO tiffiany SO classy

For iphone 5

For iphone4

CarToon Charm!

I love these Cartoon charm alot!!They are all soft doll covered with swarovski crystals!! Their price tag may seem high becoz strassing on of this doll taking up even much more crystals than two phone cases!!! Only tiny  crystals can be used on them becoz of the doll , indeed is a 3d figure , which has lots of small details that only look good when covered with small sizes crystal, otherwise it will look odd!!!  And it takes lot of time to strassing one doll!!! Similar work and time to strass a pair of flat!! No Kidding!! BTW! they are so just pretty and cute!! I keep  an XO for myself!! :)


Butterfly shoe

Inspired by louboutin cinderella shoe. A customer contacted me to make her a pair of shoe with butterfly theme for her wedding. Hence I made this :)


Louboutin inspired shoes

A client contacted me for making sth like the CL Cinderella shoe. Since this is a limited edition so she has no hope in getting one pair. So i tried to make her a similar pair for her wedding.


Some awesome gift idea :)

Perfect for wedding, anniversary , birthday and many special occasion!! Sooooo stubbing!!

My melody iPhone cover is done

Yeah! I be just finished strassing my own melody iPhone four cover.actually I like UK flag pattern a lot plus I am not a melody fans. yet I like this combination! Although my IPhone is dying ... Seriously .... I can't deny that the wide variation of accessories that iPhone user can have , which is much much much more than any other phone mode is one of the greatest thing about iPhone. Haha!!


The love flute

I made these flute during my gemming class. :) strassing anything made of glass is my least Favourite for I once broke several of them before.

Anna Sui event

What a wonderful July. So happy I was invited by Anna Sui to host a gemming workshop for their new eye shadow collection press release event. Really so happy. Saw quite a few famous blogger and make up artist on that day.

I am very satisfied with the result for I got lots of compliment about my display setting and my work. I keep hearing wow so pretty! Gorgeous.
I am so glad my hard wok paid off.

Tv shooting. So excited. So nervous

Am so happy that i was invited by now tv as a guest sharing sth about bling.