Below is Julie"s phone case all the empty area will be covered with pearl , clear and light rose crystals. :)

LOOK the hello KITTY nerd MacBook pro 13" case is done !


Variation of Tiffany iPhone 4 case

Look!! Apart from the original Tiffany Blue, there are lots of variation of the similar design.

Choose Our Swarovski Strass! Your best Choice!!

Others are charging $1000 above to strass a daffodilee alike shoe, here you can get it more than 50% off, and that doesn't mean any trade off of the quality of strassing!! I am sure the price rate of Prima Deco is the lowest in the market given such a quality!! We Do NOT use only ONE SIZE of onlyy BIG crystals to strass a shoe. We use 6 sizes , and mainly small crystals to assure a seamless and deatiled strassing on your shoes.!!!!    And we not charge excessive like other do!    So, your thought? 


BIG Little pony iPad2 case

Wow so big !! Look at this Swarovski iPad 2 case !! Its for sales !! Only one piece !!


A bit outrageous lol

Look at these Swarovski crystal iPhone case !!! They are just tooo cute but too big lol !!

My strassing shoe

Please I really fed up bein compared my works to those sloppy bling. Below are shoe strass by me. Instead of speaking for myself i choose let images speak. Of course there are other people doing similar works as mine but I am sure you cannot find one do the same good quality work as mine with a same price tag !! Why pay a few thousand to purchase sloppy bling from louboutin ? Their shoes are bling using hot fix applicator !! Those are not handmade and not so delicate regardless of the designer brand.
Also many of My competitors mostly are charging $500 above for strassing a pair while I am charging half of their price , and cheaper price doesn't mean sloppy strassing!! Look at the pics below!! So choose me!! Choose my bling !! I will Strass ur shoe with 100% effort making it too stunning !!!

3d relax bear riilarkuma iPhone 4 case

These are the Bear cases for my clients. I am very happy to know they love it :)

My bear iphone4 case got to Canada and I love it!! Beautiful work! I will be sure to get more!! Shines like crazy! Not like the others I've had!! Thank you!!