The Hello Kitty Fever!!

Actually I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but I am a huge fan of Sponge Bob and Simpson. Some friends of mine said I am addicted to Creature in Yellow LOL :)))

Excusively by Prima Deco- Hello Kitty Red bow Swarovski crystal Clutch!!
Photo just cannot show how gorgeous this bag is!!!Watch the video below and you will see!!
Margret's case - Bling swarovski Hello Kitty 3D phone case for Blackberry

Yellow*Black  Swarovski Crystal Hello Kitty iPhone 4case


Thank GOD it's FRIDAY!

Actually all sounds the same to me as I work on Monday to Sunday.Makes no difference lol.

I  have great difficulties in capturing how pretty this crystal AB strass is....
REALLY gorgeous and my camera SUCKS.. 

This is usually how i look like when I work.
 Since i work from home, usually I am with very messy hair and simply wear my pajama - SPONGE BOB!<3

Another dozen of Swarovski Bamboo Hoops! Have you ordered yours? 

Bamboo Hoop earrings! New color Double Hoops! Jet Hematite +Black diamond!

Bamboo Hoop earrings with White roses and Big jewel!



I gonna work on another laptop cover for Mac book Air and Mac book Pro. WOOOO! :)) Anyone is interested in having a crystal laptop case?! In case you are not sure how it would look like, have a look of the photos below!!! YEAH!



Happy Mid Autumn! Festival! Everyone. <3

Any of you wish to order Bamboo Hoops in Bulk for Christmas, sale season please place your order asap as will be away from 7th NOV till 20th NOV for my Russia Trip. 

Swarovski crystallized Sponge ebob iPhone case & Headphone!

Bulk Swarovski crystal bamboo Hoop earring!

Yeah. Look how Ugly it is before applying crystals. .. 

Bling bling Hello Kitty Mac book and iPad case



Guess what!?
 I am going to Russia in November!!
It is always soooo exciting to do research before set off even it is time-consuming.YEAH 

The burger addiction!

believe it or not? I got 15 pcs of Shogun burger from my friend who working st Mc Donald. HAHAHA.
< many of my friends said I am crazy but you guys cant understand how much i am into it. plus, it's only served in a limited period, that why I try my best to enjoy as much as i can within the promotion lol. Of course, I didn't eat them all n once. and I did share them!!!!! Today morning, I've just ate one for breakfast LOL !

3D cartoon Mania!

Sadly,  I know there are people / other site keep using my photos without giving me any credit. Still, i hate adding watermark on the photos, and I do believe that only Pretty things will be stolen/ copied. I will just keep up the good work, no matter what.  Below, which one is your best pick? ;) 


What I've done!!!!

Hello Everyone ? How are you guys?!   Any of you like any cellphone cover below? They are selling at $148, let me know if you are interested.!!!!!!!!!


I hate wisdom Teeth!!

Hey anyone has the experience of wisdom teeth?  if yes, can any one share her/his experience with me?  How to avoid pain? I am having quite a big trouble of eating because of my wisdom teeth. I HATE it!!! It's so uncomfortable!!!!! Good thing is that I am heading to RUSSIA in November!!!!!!!!!! SO excited!!!!!!!!!!! I will carry my 20KG backpack again !!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Any of you want to have a pair of Fuchsia / Light Siam AB strass I am happy to offer discount to strass any shoe in these color!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling this bigger crystal verison of starbucks cup at $190.
Contact me if you are interested. !!

As I said before, in case any of you need a clutch bag to match your shoe for any special occasion, just buzz me!!!

LadyPeep Strass- Using Crystal AB. Size 38 anyone interested? :) 

slingback pump for Lesley .
She gonna wear this for her wedding!!