A beginning of a new week, again!

Oh. I feel guilty to say this actually as recently I've found my self addicted to Sims 3 iPhone version. I spent quite of my spare times on it since I 've downloaded it from apps store. Now I gotta delete it so I wont waste more time on it. Indeed, I really don't have much time to kill / waste.  I 've been working 7 days a week since I recovered from the drug allergy.  I'm kinda weird indeed. Either I work as hell either I totally stop working and do nothing. I am always on the two extreme but never in between.  Yeah, but that's me. 

 Tho I dun feel like working today,  I still 've done the followings: 

Dom P is done! I used Light rose, Vintage rose , silk , crystal AB and light peach for this!!
Renee was thrilled!! The Only bad thing is the box is too small and the butterflies fell off:(( 

See? There are supposed 3 butterflies on it !!!!
But they are too FAT for this DOM P BOX 

Ashley's Mac Book  swarovski crystal case is done! :)

Fading Pink, Swarovski crystal iPad2 case

Love this satin Platform. 

Coloring is always my least Favorite part

Bamboo hoop earring... AGAIN. 

This gonna be a personal project. I am thinking about what color to strass

I guess many of you may know or may not know, I do strass clutch bag to match your shoe!!
Just send me your inquiry in case you need a crystal heel + clutch for your special occasion.
Welcome any kind of customization ;)

HAHAHA And here  I gonna share my work place to you guys!
See how messy my cupboards are !!

Yeah I am totally a poor organised person!!


What a busy week!

Hello everyone!!!! How are you guys doing? This week I 've been busy. Have a few Gemming classes at workshop!! Also been processing quite a few orders in hands! I've been working on a few pairs of strass pump.  :)

 Tomorrow night I am going to a farewell party as my lovely girlfriend , Renee. She is going to UK for her master degree.  So I wont be seeing her for a year. Tonight I gotta finish the Dom P. I am sure she gonna thrilled out once she see it !! !! WOWOWO  Girl night out !!! Down to get drunk LOL

Btw, September is my birthday month!! I am going to be 23 soon!! Feel so old!  LOL!
I am thinkin about a promotion which is fair for us! both!  Any idea? ;)

, Ashley's Mac book cover is almost done!!! Just gimme some more time!

Leah's wedding shoe here!! Love the sparkle! 

My student's works. 


14 hours of work!!!

Wow as you guys can see from the Title of this post, I've been working for 14 hours today!!!!!!!!!!!
it's almost 1am and I am still wokring!!!  :) Ahhh my butt aches for sitting tooooo long time !! tho it had been lots of work but I truly enjoy it :) I am kinda workaholic indeed, but I am so passionate for my work :)

For those Kitty's loveer :)

WOW!! only the citrine part left!!!!!

excuse my laziness that i didnt rotate the photos ;)

AHHHHHHHHHHHI am off for bed now! Good night everyone!! :) Have a nice Monday!


Wish I could have more than 24 hours

 Dear all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I have been busy and busy and busy coz i have a high volume of orders in hands plus i have quite a tight deadline to meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!therefore, if i didnt get back to any of you as fast as I did before! Please dun panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me!!!!!!!! I have all your orders bearing in my mind and trying my best to finsih them as soon as I can, and as pretty as it can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! This is Definitely  a busy weekend for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Have A nice Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Below I wanna share my previous work with you guys! These are the work that I really like!!

Exclusively by Prima deco : Swarovski crystal; Heart shape Laptop Mouse

Hot Pink Lip! swarovski crystal clutch bag by Prima DECO

Bling your home Telephone! Super hox Lips

Ha?Anyone know what it is? It's a Giant Bling Birthday card!!
The space in the middle is for writing word or sticking photo on !!


What I did today

Drawing the darft can always take me 2-3 hours.. 
 it's my least favourite Part ..  :P

They are SOLD! And there is only one hairdryer unbling left!

Hello Kitty mac Book cover!! It's Done!
I really wanna Make the 3D kitty case for MAC!! Anyone interested? Do let me know :)

The Dom Perignon that I make for Renee :) Love the colour! So Fancy!  <3


It's done!

Hello Kitty Swarovski crystal laptop case for Apple MACBOOK Pro 13"

Vanessa's Pony Case

Hey Vanessa!!  I am trying to give some decoration to the Pony :))
Do you like the bow? I took a few pics to show you how it looks like.  :)
Let me know your thought !

Personally, I like this classy style :)
This is iphone case for Kylie !

Anyone want this?

Hey there! I am offering a great deal here seeing if anyone interested. Below you see is a Huge 3D kitty Laptop cover!! Lovely right?  I wanna make a case for any Apple laptop, and it will become part of my porfolio. You may choose whatever colour you like!!  

13.3": $600
15" : 800


Begining of a New week! :)

Kitty iPad 2 case & Macbook pro Case :))
So now the phone case can STAND UP with help from Kitty ! LOL

 Haha they look like twin! Personally I prefer Whiteopal to clear crystal! btw I am not a fan of kitty

Anyone wear size 40? i am selling this!

This is BB Storm 2 case, processing..  The Kitty is huge LOL!

Let the Video Speaks :))

Photo just cannot do all this Bling justice! I know many of you are anxious? excited? :P
So I made this video to show you guys how things going on :))


It's Sunday again!!

Pony case fr Vanessa. The most complicated part is its HAIR!!!!! LOL

It's done! <3

Apart from the bling Dom perignon, this is the sign card for my best friend, Renee. :))

It will be done soon! Hurrah!!! :))

Guess it would take ages LOL :)) ss9  mac book cover  for Ashley

I must express how thankful I am that I got all these warm messages from you all!!
Hey I am fine!! And the allergic symptom has gone!! :)) Just I feel so tired after taking pills .
I have enough energy to carry on my work!!!  :)) Thank you so much!!

I got a few enquiry about how much that Starbuck cup is. 
It is a real liquid container embellished with over 12000pcs of crystals.
So, it wont be selling at a low rate. But if you guys really interested in it,
do let me know, I can make one using bigger crystals at a lower rate. :))