What a busy week!

Hello everyone!!!! How are you guys doing? This week I 've been busy. Have a few Gemming classes at workshop!! Also been processing quite a few orders in hands! I've been working on a few pairs of strass pump.  :)

 Tomorrow night I am going to a farewell party as my lovely girlfriend , Renee. She is going to UK for her master degree.  So I wont be seeing her for a year. Tonight I gotta finish the Dom P. I am sure she gonna thrilled out once she see it !! !! WOWOWO  Girl night out !!! Down to get drunk LOL

Btw, September is my birthday month!! I am going to be 23 soon!! Feel so old!  LOL!
I am thinkin about a promotion which is fair for us! both!  Any idea? ;)

, Ashley's Mac book cover is almost done!!! Just gimme some more time!

Leah's wedding shoe here!! Love the sparkle! 

My student's works. 

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