It's Sunday again!!

Pony case fr Vanessa. The most complicated part is its HAIR!!!!! LOL

It's done! <3

Apart from the bling Dom perignon, this is the sign card for my best friend, Renee. :))

It will be done soon! Hurrah!!! :))

Guess it would take ages LOL :)) ss9  mac book cover  for Ashley

I must express how thankful I am that I got all these warm messages from you all!!
Hey I am fine!! And the allergic symptom has gone!! :)) Just I feel so tired after taking pills .
I have enough energy to carry on my work!!!  :)) Thank you so much!!

I got a few enquiry about how much that Starbuck cup is. 
It is a real liquid container embellished with over 12000pcs of crystals.
So, it wont be selling at a low rate. But if you guys really interested in it,
do let me know, I can make one using bigger crystals at a lower rate. :))

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