What I have done this weekend :))

This Dom Perignon  is for my Best friend, Renee :))
Gonna bling it with silk, vintage rose, light rose and rose crystals :)) so excited!!
I am sure she gonna LOVE it!!

OMG! I made a big mistake that i mix light siam & siam crystal
and applied both of them on the pump!
Aactually the outcome look pretty good but
I am not sure if my cleint will like it or not. Perhap i have to do it all again. :((

they are done. Nothing exciting for me as it has been the N pcs of these cases I've made..

2 pcs of Mac book cover. Love the color!!

Bunny Kitty :))
One exciting thing!!!
My facebook page got more than 2700 LIKES!!!! WOOO!!  :)

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