A beginning of a new week, again!

Oh. I feel guilty to say this actually as recently I've found my self addicted to Sims 3 iPhone version. I spent quite of my spare times on it since I 've downloaded it from apps store. Now I gotta delete it so I wont waste more time on it. Indeed, I really don't have much time to kill / waste.  I 've been working 7 days a week since I recovered from the drug allergy.  I'm kinda weird indeed. Either I work as hell either I totally stop working and do nothing. I am always on the two extreme but never in between.  Yeah, but that's me. 

 Tho I dun feel like working today,  I still 've done the followings: 

Dom P is done! I used Light rose, Vintage rose , silk , crystal AB and light peach for this!!
Renee was thrilled!! The Only bad thing is the box is too small and the butterflies fell off:(( 

See? There are supposed 3 butterflies on it !!!!
But they are too FAT for this DOM P BOX 

Ashley's Mac Book  swarovski crystal case is done! :)

Fading Pink, Swarovski crystal iPad2 case

Love this satin Platform. 

Coloring is always my least Favorite part

Bamboo hoop earring... AGAIN. 

This gonna be a personal project. I am thinking about what color to strass

I guess many of you may know or may not know, I do strass clutch bag to match your shoe!!
Just send me your inquiry in case you need a crystal heel + clutch for your special occasion.
Welcome any kind of customization ;)

HAHAHA And here  I gonna share my work place to you guys!
See how messy my cupboards are !!

Yeah I am totally a poor organised person!!

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