Are your items 100% genuine Swarovski crystal?
If a product is Swarovski it is listed in the title - some items are Swarovski and some are regular glass crystal- do check with us if you are unsure. 
Do you have a shop? – Who needs a shop! -The beauty of online shopping is that there is no queuing and no hassle having to get to us to park- you can sit in the comfort of your own home/office/coffee shop and place your order securely online and have our goods delivered to your door within a matter of days.
Do you price match? - Feel free to contact us if you are looking to purchase more than one piece- we are always willing to assist
Can you provide wholesales?- If you are a business and wish to resell products from Prima Deco please contact us. We are unable to provide samples but can work with you on trade prices for orders of 5 or more.

Why choose our strassed High heel shoes??
First of all, our shoes are Truly Affordable Luxury. Compared to most handcrafted Swarovski crystal strass High heel shoes in the market which priced at least $500 or above, our shoes are absolutely GREAT deal! What‘s more important is that low price doesn’t mean cheap service and poor quality! Made with fine quality leather/ satin, our shoes are handcrafted by our sophisticated artist using more than 10000 authentic Swarovski Crystals that we guarantee a near seamless, absolutely perfect surface that creates a beautiful, brilliant and luxurious outcome. Our shoes are also very comfortable to wear and perfect for any occasion. Only we can give Lifetime Guarantee on all our custom work on ALL Swarovski embellished shoes! If something happens and you lose crystals, just send your item back to us, and we'll fix your design for you for free for as long as you have your shoe, even years later. What you only need to pay is shipping! No extra cost!
We are very confident in the level of service we offer. There is simply no other service like us!
How come your price can be lower than the other companies who offer similar service?

It is because we order Swarovski Crystal from our suppler in BULK and that not only lowers our budget but also offers our clients with lower service rate. Besides, we understand how it’s feeling of having tight money; therefore, we tried our best to exploit our labor so that our client can enjoy a pair of luxurious shoe even in a tight budget.

Where is your company located? What are the differences between the blings goods from you and those selling on iOffer, and mnay other made in China Products?
We are from Hong Kong but our products are NOT MADE IN CHINA. Our goods are all handcarfted by sophicaated artist.  Our bling is not Mass Production products of China factory.

Please do not compare my products to those selling on iOffer or alibaba. The quality of our bling is just much higher than those sloppy bling.  We PAY LOTS OF ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!We can guarantee you that all our  goods are made with geniune Swarovski Crystal plus good craftsmanship. We use the glue distributed by Swarovski which specialized for Jewelry making. Plus we use only tiny crystals for our bling to assure detailed and stunning desigh regardless of  the  higher material cost. We strive our best to create as delicate as possible design with  a seamless surface and neat manner of strassing for our valluable customers. Tho we are unable to offer the best price  in the market, our price is truly reasonable. We promise that what you receive worths what you pay. 

Below we provide an example, and  A close up pic to show you the reason why of choosing our Strassing service : as you can see from the pic, you can see clearly our strassing i very sophitiscated: various size of crystals are used, tiny crystal outlined bottom , edges and heel plus crystals are applied individually in a neat manner that all crystals are closely attached to each other. The strassing, according to some of our clients, is even better than the authenthic designer one. Our pumps are not sloppy replica that mass produced in factory.

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