I hate wisdom Teeth!!

Hey anyone has the experience of wisdom teeth?  if yes, can any one share her/his experience with me?  How to avoid pain? I am having quite a big trouble of eating because of my wisdom teeth. I HATE it!!! It's so uncomfortable!!!!! Good thing is that I am heading to RUSSIA in November!!!!!!!!!! SO excited!!!!!!!!!!! I will carry my 20KG backpack again !!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Any of you want to have a pair of Fuchsia / Light Siam AB strass I am happy to offer discount to strass any shoe in these color!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling this bigger crystal verison of starbucks cup at $190.
Contact me if you are interested. !!

As I said before, in case any of you need a clutch bag to match your shoe for any special occasion, just buzz me!!!

LadyPeep Strass- Using Crystal AB. Size 38 anyone interested? :) 

slingback pump for Lesley .
She gonna wear this for her wedding!! 

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