Crystal AB Strass Ladypeep by Prima Deco

Well, I still haven't add any watermark on my pics. tho I should. I know below pics will be stolen by others without any acknowledgement, and use it as  their own products pics.  Anyway,  what I want to say is that, these are 100% hand strass shoe. I don't care if the shoe is replica or not, I just want to make the bling. If budget allowed, who don't want a real pair of  Louboutin? Btw, in my opinion, it is not cost wise to buy a real Louboutin strass pair as the strass is NOT handmade. It's obviously the strassing is made by some kind of hot fix applicator. It's easy to tell becoz they are many weird gaps between the Crystal. Some crystals are even cut into half. I do not understand why people paying a few thousands for a pair of sloppy strass simply becoz of the designer's name. 

Size 38 Strass Crystal AB Ladypeep has been shipped to Denmark.    

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