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I havent updated my blog for ages. How are you guys? As usually I have been very buy tho summer is a quiet season for online sale for I am currently working for Anna Sui , to organize a gemming workshop for around 40 press. Wow I was screaming when I read the e-mail from the Anna Sui PR. I couldn't believe this is real!!! Since the date of event is approaching.. I have been busy with the preparation. With reference of Candy corner , which is common in Western style wedding , I decided to make my Bling corner just all the macaroon, sweets, cupcake will be replaced by Different color of crystals or whatever accessories related, accompanying with lots of my work of Strass.

When talking about macron Recently I fall in love with the Judith Leiber's macaroon coin bag strass with Swarovski crystals. Sadly I couldn't afford one But I think I can recreate sth similar inspired by these. So cute the coin bag , isnt it/? :)

A customer recently asked me , do you know most of the louboutin you strass is FAKE? I said YES of course I know that But SO WHAT? WHO CARES!! ok maybe just I am don't care but hoebnstly. designer  brands or whoever name is NEVER my concern when I do my work. Not everybody can affoard such an expernsive shoe right? One thing ironic is that, I do better strassing than the authentic one. Why I cant be so confident in saying so? Coz the images say so. As many of you may not know, most of the strass shoe o LOouboutin, Gucci , GL or whatever, is not really "HANDMADE" I say not really becoz  partially it is handmade, but mostly they use a hot fix applicator to  apply the stone of the cloth/ leather because they making the shoe.then they make the shoe with cloth which already with lots of crystals on it. This is proven by the existence of some weird looking crystals, these crystals are divided / chopped in half / broken. And there is lots of weird gap and unevenness of the strassing.  It's even too bad that the manufacturer not even remove those broken crystals on the shoes and not regard this as problem concerning the quality a lot. If I am paying so much for a shoe, I am expecting some  much better strassing instead of merely buying a BRAND!Same situation also can be seen on Chanel. I cant stand the GAP!! really! If I am paying 10K USD for a handbag, why don't I deserve a fine leather bag with good craftsmanship- strassing that creating no gap totally seamless surface and sparky as hell. I don't want to pay a fortune merely for the name CHANEL. Given the bag is not-too-good or even UGLY, the famous CC , the name itself doesn't give the bag any highlight at all,  in my opinion. 


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