The shoe above is pretty , isnt it? I love the sparkle of Crystal AB!!! that angleic light catch everyone 's attention!! I sold this shoe to someone. Now she wanna return it to me as she ssaid I sold her a fake louboutin. OMG! I didnt even mentioned that this is Louboutin in my listing!!!!  Not even a word-related such as red sole or whatever!! Given that I didnt post a misleading ad, so why I am assusced of selling fake shoes? Why why someone expect that a real crystal AB strass Louboutin Ladypeep could be selling at less than $500 while the authenthic one selling at boutuque is more than $3000 ? Obviously She didnt read carefully or even lost her mind when she clicked the buy it now button !!And I dun get it why people are so vein!!! For me as long as its pretty, be they shoe, clothing or handbag, I dun give a damn if it is branded or not. What concern me its the design itself !!!  not the Brand!

Why people cannot read the description before they purchase? And if there is anything happen , why it must be the seller's fault?WHY?I'm an honest seller and I always try to give my best to my clients.


  1. I don't see any shoe above you post but the shoe below does have a red sole and DOES sort of look like louboutin

  2. If she sends them back, will you be selling them again? Its the lady peep right?
    And for how much? I'd love to buy them!

  3. @chrissyjdavies yes.. please leave me ur email thank you